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10W LED RGB FloodLight Wall WashLight

Unit Price: US$15.24

Model: PN-8F10WRGB
Shipping Weight: 650g
Units in Stock: 100000 Pieces
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Products Description:
Function: Used for Garden,Construction Building ,Advertisement Billboard ,Play Yards etc.
    10W LED RGB FloodLight Wall WashLight
    Environmental friendly
    Dimension:115 x 100 x 86mm
    Certifications : CE, ROHS
    Easy to use and install
    Angle:120 Degree
    Input voltage: AC 85-265V
    Output Power: 10 W
    Lifetime: Over 50,000 hours
    Waterproof : IP65
    Bulb Color : Black
    Light Color : RGB
    Wireless Remote Controller Manual:
    Up: Brightness up/Long press for fast flashing
    Down: Brightness down/Long press for slow flashing
    Off: Power off
    On: Power on
    R: Color change to Red
    G: Color change to Green
    B: Color change to Blue
    W: Color change to White
    FLASH: Auto-change colors, fast skip
    STROBE: Auto-change colors, slow skip
    FADE: Auto-change colors, fast shade
    SMOOTH: Auto-change colors, slow shade
    Other no-letter buttons: For color-mix
››Package Includes
     * 1 Piece x 10W LED RGB FloodLight Wall WashLight

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 31 March, 2012.